Activity Location:

Mainland, overseas preliminary:October-December 2017

Deadline for application to the Finals:January 1, 2018

The Finals:4-7 February 2018

The previous Venue:

St. Andrew's Church(KOWLOON)

The Church of Christ in China Congregational Church

Pui Ching Primary School Lecture Hall

Tom Lee Academy Hall


Aims of the competition

To prompt the development of vocal art with a professional and artistic standard; To offer chances for Chinese vocalists of the new generation to enter an international performing world; To provide a platform for professional vocalists to share their experience and skills of singing and performing.


Hong Kong International Musician Association (

The is a professional music group focusing on international art communication, which has been identified as high art level. The aims to offer an international stage for all the musicians to communicate and developfurther, holding concerts, masterclasses, forum,lectures, and competitions at regular intervals and expanding HK musicians. Hong Kong, an area where Chinese culture meets with Western culture and a place appealing countless talents, is the most active area of Asian cultural and artistic activities and an ideal land for global artists.



Francesco Facini

Italian Famous Singer

Lee Su-kyoung

Korean Soprano

Navrotskyy Vasyl

People's Artist of Ukraine

Tatiana V.Spasskaya

UKrainian Mezzo-soprano Singer

Rowena Cortes

Hong Kong Superstar

Robert Langston

U.K. Famous Musician

Paulina Abber

Italian Famous Singer

Stewart Kempster

U.K. Famous Musician

Nancy Yuen

Hong Kong Soprano

Perry Martin

U.K. Famous Composer Musician

Yang Yan

Famous Tenor Singer Music Educator

Chan Wing Wah

Hong Kong Famous Composer Musician


Classes and Repertoires


Operatic Open Class:

-Open to all ages, gender or nationalities

-2 operatic arias from different countries (sing in original language).

-Duration: within 10mins.

Awards of Operatic Open Class:

First Prize: Cash EUR$1,320.00, Trophy and Certificate

Second Prize: Cash EUR$1100.00, Trophy and Certificate

Third Prize: Cash EUR$880.00, Trophy and Certificate

Fourth、Fifth Prizes: Certificate and Trophy



Barbara Fei Memorial-Award

Cash EUR$550.00

Trophy, Certificate

Qualification of Barbara Fei Memorial-Award:

Awarded singers will be voted by the Jury according to their performances at the Excellent Contestants’Concerts.


Awards of all classes in the Final


1. Awards in each class: 1st, 2nd,3rd, 4th, 5th prizes, and the first class award, the second class award and the third class award, Honorable award.

2. Winners of 1st to 5th prizes have to fulfil the following marks requirement, if not, prize or trophy will not be awarded.
First prize: 94 marks or above
Second prize: 92 marks or above
3rd prize: 90 marks or above
4th prize: 88 marks or above
5th prize: 86 marks or above

3. Certificates of 4 levels will be awarded to the contestants according to the marks requirement below:
First Class Award---Certificate, above 90 marks
Second Class Award---Certificate, 85-89.9 marks
Third Class Award---Certificate, 80-84.9 marks
Honorable Award---Certificate, 70-79.9 marks

International Outstanding Teacher Award:
Singing Tutors of the First, Second and Third Prizes winners will be given the "International Excellent Vocal Tutor Certificate" by HK IMA.